Using, state of the art, microsuction technology for pain free, safe, wax removal. We are, also, qualified to treat children from the age of 4.

Full diagnostic hearing tests

Our testing will allow for a full diagnosis of the type of hearing loss and will pinpoint any areas of concern. We will refer you to an ENT specialist if needed.

Paediatric Audiology

As fully qualified audiologists we are able to conduct hearing tests and remove ear wax from children over the age of 4.

Independent Audiologist, Hearing Aids & Ear Wax Microsuction

It's your hearing that matters.
1 in 6 of UK's population have some form of hearing loss.
6.7 million people could benefit from hearing aids.*

Hearing loss can be distressing and frustrating for family & friends.
Let's do something about it.

*Statistics from Action for Hearing Loss

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ear Wax removal service

Ear Wax Removal

Joy of Hearing is an independent, locally owned hearing aid dispensing company offering superior hearing healthcare to those with hearing loss.

With over 20 years of combined training and experience in both the public and private sectors we really know what is best for you, your ears and your lifestyle.

About Joy of Hearing

Knows what she is talking about. Takes the time to listen as well as talk. Not really expensive-invaluable. Has loads of practical experience as well as technical ability.    

— Thomas Armour, Joy of Hearing customer

Safe Ear Wax Removal Service. Learn More...

After the hearing test, we will make  recommendations on the most appropriate hearing aids for your loss and let you trial them. with no obligation.

Servicing of Hearing Aids

Even if you purchased your hearing aids from another company we are happy to service them for you.

Hearing aid dispensing

Microsuction involves the removal of ear wax and debris using a gentle suction device with microscopic vision, this is the safest treatment for ear wax build up.

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Your Personal Hearing Aid Audiologist

Joy Young, the founder of Joy of Hearing LTD is a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist having completed a BSc (Hons) in Audiology at DeMonfort University Leicester. She is also qualified to work as a private Hearing Aid Dispenser having registered with the HPC (Health Professions Council).

Joy has worked as an Audiologist in the Royal Victoria Hospital & in the private healthcare sector since 2008.


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Free Online Hearing Screener

Medico-legal Asessements

We provide audiometry reports for solicitors in the case of industrial hearing loss, accidents or MOD related hearing loss.

Many of you that come across this site will be looking for ear wax removal via microsuction. GPs stopped offering water syringing as the procedure risks damaging the eardrum. You may get referred to the hospital but waiting times are at record levels. This is where private audiologists have come into play, with knowledge of ear anatomy and years of training, it was a natural step to fill the gap in services.

So this brings me to why I am writing this post: we have been getting reports of people having bad experiences with other providers. The ear canal is a sensitive and delicate area and if the eardrum is damaged it may be irreversible. When Joy took her ear wax removal course it was only available to Audiologists and medical staff at the time. Even with the years of experience behind her, it took some time to get competent at microsuction. Fast forward 5 years and we are surprised to discover that microsuction is unregulated, in fact, you don't even need to do a course.

The next time you book a wax removal appointment ask your treatment provider what level of training they have done and how long they have been doing it. This applies whether you are inquiring with individuals or high-street brand providers. A sign in the window saying “audiologist”, does not mean the staff member you are actually seeing is an audiologist.